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Re: bigger, sexier, more phly debian...

mdorman@lot49.med.miami.edu (Michael Alan Dorman)  wrote on 17.04.96 in <m0u9fZ6-00027eC@lot49.med.miami.edu>:

> In message <672$d1RjcsB@khms.westfalen.de>, Kai Henningsen writes:
> >dlj0@lehigh.edu (David L. Johnson)  wrote on 16.04.96 in
> >> <317448BB.386D78EB@lehigh.edu>: Apple's approach was similar, and I
> >> understand that in order to write for the Mac you have to conform to
> >> their interface standards.  But, I would not consider that a role model
> >> to emulate.
> >"You had to", in this context, means that you would be scolded, nothing
> >more.
> I believe it was more than that---Apple would not extend certain sorts
> of support to programs that did not conform, would not allow creators
> of non-conforming apps to participate in certain deals.

Maybe, but I never heard of any particular such things, so I wonder. And  
it certainly never stopped a certain, well-known software house from  
ignoring every rule they wanted to, with predictably abysmal results.

> This was back in th edays when Apple did developer support worth a
> damn, of course.

Well, their developer support seems _far_ above average today. I certainly  
currently know of nobody else that can match, for example, their excellent  
documentation. That's something I wouldn't mind seeing, for example, on  
Linux. Yes, I do understand that most people don't like writing  
documentation - me too.

MfG Kai

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