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Re: help

On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, Leszek Gerwatowski wrote:

> I've tried to upgrade to gcc-2.7.2-5 , i've made all the things described 
> above without problems. But my gcc has problems with compilation - there 
> is no stdio.h and many other important .h files! they aren't in 
> /usr/include directory!!!! I've found directory 
> /usr/i486-linuxaout/include with many of these files and i've made link 
> from /usr/include to /usr/i486-linuxaout/include but then when i try to 
> compile something i have error from ld:
> ld: cannot load crt1.o : no such file or directory.

Looks like you haven't installed the libc5-dev package. This contains the 
include files that you are looking for (n.b. /usr/include _shouldn't_ be 
a symlink - remove this symlink before installing libc5-dev) and crt1.o

There appears to be a problem with the gcc-2.7.2-5 dependencies; you
shouldn't have been able to install it without installing libc5-dev first.
I'll report this bug. 

Steve Early

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