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Re: pppd says serial line is not 8 bit clean'!

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin M Bealer <kmb203@psu.edu> writes:

Kevin> I had this problem (I think I had a slightly different error
Kevin> message though) and this was the solution I used: log into your
Kevin> provider manually using something like minicom/telix etc.
Kevin> Watch every string up to the very end.  My provider always
Kevin> ended with:
Kevin> Gateway: #.#.#.#

Thanks, this promted me to look at the /var/log/messages and in there
I found the following

chat[xxx]: (send pppgate)
chat[xxx]: (expect login:)
chat[xxx]: pppgate^M
chat[xxx]: login:  -- Got it!
chat[xxx]: (send ppp)

The (send ppp) line was the last line.  I suspect that the stuff in
brackets are just chat's preparation, ie, (send ppp) means the command
ppp wasn't actully sent!  And chat wasn't expecting a string, pppd
started negotiation and of course failed because ppp daemon wasn't
started at the OUCS end.  It seems to me that chat was looking for a
`expect' string in the script before actually sending ppp.  I tried
adding "" after ppp in the chat script but the result was exactly the
same.  chat ignored the last "".

Do you guys know how to tell chat to expect nothing at the end of the


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