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Re: pppd says serial line is not 8 bit clean'!

On Mon, 19 Feb 1996, Carl V Streeter wrote:

> Billy Chow writes:
> > 
> > Thanks for the reply.  From the fact that pppd was trying to negotiate
> > connection by sending out packets, I think it 's not about chat
> > expecting the wrong string (as can be seen from /var/log/message where
> > it says CHAT `got' all the expected strings).  
> Well, I sometimes get this when calling my provider at peak times.  I think
> I remember reading that If the PPP software on the other side doesn't 
> start up right away, your side will say "It's not responding to my
> queries, so the line must not be 8 bit clean".  I think that there's a
> timeout value that can be increased, but since it usually works for me
> on the second try or so, I don't care all that much.  Too lazy to look ;)
> Maybe this rings a bell for someone else.
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I had this problem (I think I had a slightly different error message though)
and this was the solution I used: log into your provider manually using
something like minicom/telix etc.  Watch every string up to the very end. 
My provider always ended with:

Gateway: #.#.#.# 

where this is the gateway's IP. You need to give chat a string that happens
--right before-- the other end starts getting responsive, so I used part of
this last line.  It works well.  

Alternately, the man page for chat lists:

       \n     Send a newline or linefeed character.

       \d     Delay for one second.  The  program  uses  sleep(1)
              which  will delay to a maximum of one second.  (not
              valid in expect.)

... as special characters for 'transmit' strings.

In other words, instead of 

 ... pppgate login: ppp
 ... pppgate login: ppp\n\d\d\d\d\d

which _should_ enter the ppp string and then wait one second for each \d.

Use enough \d's to cover the time required, maybe time a Win95 login, I have
not tried this since I can use the first method I listed.  (which shouldn't
depend as much on 'peak' hours etc.)

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