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Re: pppd says serial line is not 8 bit clean'!

mikeb@maxtor.com (Mike Blatchley)  wrote on 20.02.96 in <[🔎] Pine.SOL.3.91.960220102956.8908B-100000@borabora>:

> The chat sequence is formatted as expect-send *pairs*.  The "expect"
> entry comes before the "send", so after your 'ppp' command is sent, if
> that is the last entry in your script, nothing else is expected.

Well, the following works for my SLIP login, where I have to wait for some  
string ("SLIP") or else the line dies when I start to send too early (in  
fact, the problem is now effectively gone thanks to a change on the  
server, but that was the reason for the script being as it is):

connect "chat -v '' ATZ OK ATD444444 ogin: llllll ord: pppppp SLIP"

So it doesn't need to have only pairs.

MfG Kai

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