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Re: pppd says serial line is not 8 bit clean'!

Billy Chow writes:
> Thanks for the reply.  From the fact that pppd was trying to negotiate
> connection by sending out packets, I think it 's not about chat
> expecting the wrong string (as can be seen from /var/log/message where
> it says CHAT `got' all the expected strings).  

Well, I sometimes get this when calling my provider at peak times.  I think
I remember reading that If the PPP software on the other side doesn't 
start up right away, your side will say "It's not responding to my
queries, so the line must not be 8 bit clean".  I think that there's a
timeout value that can be increased, but since it usually works for me
on the second try or so, I don't care all that much.  Too lazy to look ;)

Maybe this rings a bell for someone else.

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