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segementation fault in xboard

Can anyone tell me the steps I should take to determine and correct the 
cause of the following problem. (if this is documented please let me know)

I just downloaded gnuchess and xboard  from debian, and installed it using 
dselect.  The progam (xboard)  will not execute when I am "root" (I don't 
normally play games as root, but I thought this was interesting) When I 
try to run it as a user I get a "segmentation fault".

	Everything on my system is from the "stable" directory.  I am 
using fvwm as a window manager.  I tried running xboard without a 
chessprogram, and also in ics mode. The results are the same.  Running 
linux suggests using gdb to examine the core file.  Is that really a 
practical sugestion?    

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