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Re: pppd says serial line is not 8 bit clean'!

>>>>> "Marvin" == Marvin Stodolsky <Marvin.Stodolsky@mailgw.er.doe.gov> writes:

Marvin> The following Might be relevant.  With the same hardware
Marvin> connecting to the same host different responses were returned
Marvin> with different PC operating systems at the comparable line in
Marvin> their respective SCRIPT.dip.  The line is: wait CONNECT 20

Thanks for the reply.  From the fact that pppd was trying to negotiate
connection by sending out packets, I think it 's not about chat
expecting the wrong string (as can be seen from /var/log/message where
it says CHAT `got' all the expected strings).  

I am still clueless :-(.  From the postings in c.o.l.n and Debian-user
mailing list, many people experience difficulties with linux 1.2.x and
ppp-2.2 despite the presence of PPP-HOWTO, NET-2-HOWTO.  Can those
who know ppp well make a comment on this?  


Marvin> Good Hunting Marv S =====================================

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