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Re: Incoming!?

On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, Jeffrey Ebert wrote:

> I would like to be able to access an Incoming directory somewhere, but
> that doesn't appear to be possible given the current arrangement of
> the FTP servers. How are people uploading packages?
They use a special account on Master.Debian.Org the master development 
machine for debian.

BTW: The machine does not allow anonymous ftp access.

> I know that many users would like to have easier access to new and
> updated packages. Could someone please post a message describing
> access to Incoming?

Incoming will be located on ftp.debian.org:/private/project/Incoming
NOTE: this is no longer inside the debian tree so as to keep mirroring 
simple for the people that want it. This should not be mirrored except by 
people who can stand heavy transfers because the files are subject to be 
deleted as they are moved into the development tree......

> Alternatively, could someone who runs a mirror site tweak their
> software so that it picks up private/project/Incoming/? Several
> mirrors that I have looked at contain those directories, but they are
> all empty.
This is mainly because the private tree was moved out and I have not been 
mirroring it on ftp.microworld.net or ftp.debian.org...

However it is in the middle of receiving the private tree as I type this 

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