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Re: MH/SMTP: No sending possible

> Generally speaking, I would stick with smail (which, under Debian, has a
> *great* installation / configuration script, due to Ian Jackson) for
> delivery, and use elm or pine for the time being to check the MTA. I don't
> use MH so I can't help there.

I use exmh, which uses MH.  I use popmail to fetches incoming mail over
PPP.  Smail spools outgoing mail if the PPP connection is not open.
When it is, I use runq to empty the spool.

My /etc/ppp/ip-up begins with:

	touch /var/run/ppp-is-up
	rdate clinet.fi
	su liw -c 'popclient -P /home/liw/.poppass pop.clinet.fi'

In /etc/crontab I have:

	* *     * * *   root    [ -f /var/run/ppp-is-up ] && /usr/bin/runq
	* *   * * *   liw     [ -f /var/run/ppp-is-up ] && popclient ....

(The second line has the same popclient command as the first one.)

The Debian /usr/sbin/smailconfig is really wonderful!

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