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Re: bug reports in ftp area now compressed ...

Carl V. Streeter writes ("Re: bug reports in ftp area now compressed ..."):
> Kai Henningsen writes:
> > Well, the main reason I told my (private) mirror not to get the bug  
> > reports was that they seem to always change their dates even without any  
> > obvious change in content.
> Hmm..  I just looked at the ones on master, and it looks like the only
> ones which changed are ones with new info.
> Although, the whole thing will turn over once a week, or sooner if 
> catastrophic failure.

How about having it compare the files before installing each new one ?

> > I'd like to have a local copy of the bug reports, but not at this price!

The bug reports will change a lot, because they are actually
continually being updated.


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