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Re: Dselect

Lee Olds writes ("Dselect"):
> I grabbed the latest dpkg source from Ian and took a look at dselect
> with the intent of improving it.
> I am new to Debian Linux, so before I attempt any major modifications to
> dselect, I plan to do some minor tweaking - in order to become familiar
> with the code itself, and also the debian packaging system in general.
> I ran into a problem while trying to compile the dselect.  It appears
> that the dselect code doesn't like the version of the ncurses package
> found in the stable tree.
> First first it couldn't find term.h so I created a link to ncurses/term.h
> After that it couldn't find tigetstr( char * ) while linking.

On my system /usr/include/term.h is a link to ncurses/term.h, but I
see that this link wasn't installed by any Debian package.  See also
my bug report #1331 `terminfo(3ncurses) says <term.h>, but

> What version of the ncurses package should I use?

I don't know what the problem with tigetstr is.  I'm using the old
a.out compiler and libc, and ncurses-{runtime,developer} 1.9.4-0.


(BTW, sorry to Lee for not replying to his mail earlier.  I tend to
deal with mail in batch mode.)

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