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I grabbed the latest dpkg source from Ian and took a look at dselect
with the intent of improving it.

I am new to Debian Linux, so before I attempt any major modifications to
dselect, I plan to do some minor tweaking - in order to become familiar
with the code itself, and also the debian packaging system in general.

I ran into a problem while trying to compile the dselect.  It appears
that the dselect code doesn't like the version of the ncurses package
found in the stable tree.

First first it couldn't find term.h so I created a link to ncurses/term.h
After that it couldn't find tigetstr( char * ) while linking.

What version of the ncurses package should I use?

Should I upgrade my entire system to the 1.1 development distribution
before attempting any kind to development work, or is it legitimate to
try something like this from the stable distribution?

Is this the right place post these kind of questions?  If not, what is
a better place?

Thanks - Lee

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