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Re: Token Ring for Debian??

On Fri, 16 Feb 1996, Farzad FARID wrote:

> On Fri, 16 Feb 1996, Leszek Gerwatowski wrote:
> [...]
> > One thing is important - you should check if your TR type is supported by 
> > Linux at all becouse Token Ring support is not for all TR cards but for 
> > the most tipical ones. This works with Slackware. I odn't see any reason, 
> > for which this cannot work with Debian! (But anyway it is crazy but 
> > possible!)
> > 
>  The current TR driver only works with the Tropic chipset found in the
> IBM TR adapters. Others like Olitech and Madge won't work.
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> Farzad FARID
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This is fragment of TR HOWTO:

       Make sure that you have a Token Ring card that is supported by this
       driver.  Currently the only cards that are supported are those that
       use the Tropic chipset.
       Cards that I personally know to work are:

              IBM Token Ring 16/4 adapter /A
              IBM Token Ring adapter /A
              IBM Token Ring adapter II (4 Megabit only)
              IBM 16/4 ISA Token Ring card (16bit)
              IBM 16/4 ISA Token Ring card (8bit)
              3Com TokenLink Adapter (IBM and 3Com mode)
              HyperRing Classic 16/4

        Please note that IBM makes a DMA/busmaster adapter for ISA with
        the name:

              Token-Ring Network 16/4 Adapter II

        which will *NOT* work.  Do not confuse this card with the IBM
        Token Ring adapter II (4mbit) which does.

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