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Re: Difference between debian and slackware

> Wouldn't it be possible to delay the conflict resolution to the moment
> the user finishes with selecting? This would aavoid many conflicts.

  An even more urgent need from my point of view is a screen to let 
us know what it intends doing before it acutally does it.

This dselect thing has been a real pain for me.  I think that dselect is
at once the strength and the main weakness of Debian.   By weakness I 
mean that it will scare people off.

When I first installed R96 I ran into a brick wall with dselect. 
Having to get on top of that tin of worms right in the middle of my
first install was just too much for me.  The more I tried to
extricate myself from all those conflicts the worse it got.  That was
months ago, but just yesterday I ran dselect for some minor thing and
it went off and did all sorts of things including installing the
X-mono server - it took me an hour or so to get X working again. 

I still have no idea what the Update item does or how or when I 
should use it.  Or if I should ftp the latest Packages and use that?

My compliments to Ian, Bruce and the rest of the Debian team.  I am 
impressed with what I am now running, thanks to them.


Lindsay J Allen,  CNE.
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