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Re: Mail and news

[cc'd to debian-user]

Mike Patterson writes:
>>Mike Patterson writes:

>>>First, for some reason my mail isn't leaving my linux box, although
>>>it gets mail just fine.
>>Can you give more details please?
>I'm not sure what more I can say. I get mail messages fine. When I
>send mail from my debian box, it never makes it to the destination.
>No messages are returned at all.
>I'm running SLIP on a R96 box. I used to have Slackware 3.0, and had
>no troubles with mail at all.

What mail transfer agent are you running?  (sendmail, Smail or
Something Else?)  How have you configured it?  Can you find the
messages in the queue directory?  Does the log file claim that they've
been sent?

>>>Second, I'm suprised I haven't seen any INN or NN packages for
>>>Debian.  I've tried compiling both under R96, with no luck at all.
>>>Has anyone had any luck?
>>The INN package was widthdrawn as the Debian maintainer does not
>>have time to knock it into shape.
>This is too bad, since nn is an excellent new reader, and since I
>want to spool news on a linux box.

Richard Kettlewell
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