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Re: Packages

I would like to make a comment or two about packages, from the
user's perspective.

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996 wendal@onyx.southwind.net wrote:

>                                                     You can also use the 
> info to create a package any software you wish to be able to manage using 
> the debian system.

This is one of the things that at first put me off of debian: the
necessity of having packages in some arbitrary format.  With
Slackware, I was actually pleased to learn that the tar file format is
a standard on Unix archives, and I readily learned to import any other
software or source code I might find, not to mention that I didn't
need to have "pkgtool" to install it on my debian system.   The
"pkgtool" utility wouldn't log, of course, such non-Slackware packages. 

A possible suggestion would be to have some kind of procedure to log in
packages that are not in the .deb format, say a tared packaged like
Slackware's.  I have just installed emacs 19.30 from slackware, which
seems ok, but I will have to take extra care (and explain to others
who are responsible for this machine) when upgrading to a debian

dpkg is a pleasure to use on .deb packages; it would be wonderful if
it were able to log in non-debian packages, and, likewise, if debian packages
could be exported.  On the first, maybe a script would enable me to package up a tar file, add comments? 

Comments, like fallen leaves on the surface of a river...  .02 worth.

Alan Davis


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