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Re: Mail and news

Mike Patterson writes:

>>>I'm running SLIP on a R96 box. I used to have Slackware 3.0, and had
>>>no troubles with mail at all.
>>What mail transfer agent are you running?  (sendmail, Smail or
>>Something Else?)  How have you configured it?  Can you find the
>>messages in the queue directory?  Does the log file claim that
>>they've been sent?
>I'm using sendmail, but I'm afraid I'm not sure where to find the
>information you are asking about (I'm sendmail-illiterate).

You could try Smail instead; the Debian package will take most of the
work out of configuring it for you.  AUIU, the Debian sendmail package
needs quite some work to configure.

BTW: you will get more helpful answers if you cc your responses to me
to debian-user@pixar.com.  For example, I am far more familiar with
Smail than sendmail, but there are others on the list who know more
about sendmail and will probably be able to be more helpful if you
decide to stick to sendmail.

Richard Kettlewell
http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/                    richard@uk.geeks.org

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