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Re: pppd

>>>>> "Alvar" == Alvar Bray <alvar@charon.meiko.co.uk> writes:

Alvar> What revision of the package containing the 1.2.13 kernel
Alvar> (source/image) are you using?

It's source-1.2.13-5.deb

Alvar> To rebuild the kernel/ppp from source you must:

Alvar> 1. Unpack the kernel source package 
Alvar> 2. Unpack the ppp source package 
Alvar> 3. Patch the kernel as described (using kinstall.sh)
Alvar> 4. Build the kernel, building ppp as a module rather than
Alvar>    linking it directly in the kernel.  
Alvar> 5. Add a ppp line into /etc/modules to get the module 
Alvar>    loaded at boot time.

Several people suggested building ppp as modules.  Is that important?
I don't use modules at all so I want a statically linked kernel if I

I tried the same on a Slackware 2.3 with kernel 1.2.13.  I downloaded
ppp-2.2 and followed the instaructions to patch the kernel and the
result was the same.  the problem is not Debian specific.

I'll try to build ppp as module tonight. 

Billy> AFAIK ppp-2.2 is for kernels 1.3.x.  Where do I get a older
Billy> debian ppp package that is supposed to work with kernel 1.2.x??

Alvar> No, I have used 2.2 on both 1.2.13 and 1.3.x kernels

Alvar> Is anyone else having problems? Can someone confirm that the
Alvar> "stable" package works for them. I know it worked for me
Alvar> several months ago when I released it. :)

Alvar> alvar

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