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Re: pppd

>     Billy> AFAIK ppp-2.2 is for kernels 1.3.x.  Where do I get a older debian ppp
>     Billy> package that is supposed to work with kernel 1.2.x??
> No, I have used 2.2 on both 1.2.13 and 1.3.x kernels
> Is anyone else having problems? Can someone confirm that the "stable"
> package works for them. I know it worked for me several months ago
> when I released it. :)

I'm running the 1.3.49-source.deb package with the stable version of ppp
no problems at all (I'm running 1.1 elf).  However, I do remember upgrading
to the elf verison in the unstable tree and ppp no longer worked properly.
That is, it wouldn't do ppp in a non-compressed mode.  This may have been
fixed in the latter version though.


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