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Re: Bogomips

> 	Well, I received several suggestions, but unfortunately have 
> helped much. My turbo switch doesn't even affect the speed of my system, 
> even though it does toggle the turbo led. I tried changing from 
> write-back to write-thru cache, but no change. A couple of people have 
> mentioned using a program to enable the cache. I thought that you just 
> had to do that for Cyrix processors not AMD ones, but I'm trying to find 
> out if that is the case. If anybody knows for sure, I'd appreciate the info.

It may be of benifet to boot a DOS boot disk with CHECKIT on it to see if
the testing of the Main Board is really at full speed or not.  If that's
the case then I'd say that even though your turbo led turns on and off there
could also be a turbo switch connector which (perhaps?) fell off the
jumper on the motherboard for some reason.

Hope this help,


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