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Re: More questions on smail configuration for SMTP/PPP

streeter@cae.wisc.edu (Carl V Streeter)  wrote on 10.02.96 in <[🔎] 199602102042.OAA05402@hp-47.cae.wisc.edu>:

> Ian Jackson writes:
> >
> > This won't set the return path and is therefore broken.
> I think I'm missing something fundamental, here.  Isn't the return-path
> supposed to be set by the last transport agent that delivers the message?
> (RFC 822)

The *field* Return-Path:, yes. The information is there all the time since  
passing the *first* transport agent, in the MAIL FROM: envelope field (RFC  
822). (And it's called the "return path" even when it's the contents of  

> If so, then why won't rewriting the From field make that happy? (or does it

Because the From: field has nothing to do with it. RFC 822 doesn't use it  
anywhere; to the receiving MTA, it's just data, like the message body.

> use the received data or something else?)
> Is there an RFC (later than 822) that I should be looking at?

Nope, 822 contains it all, except for some fine tuning not needed for this  

MfG Kai

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