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Archive of Gold CD Corrections?

I have one of Bruce's (signed and numbered, limited edition) gold
0.93R6 CD's.  When I got it, I installed Debian on a spare partition,
but did not have any spare time to configure things, so I kept on
using my Slackware partition.  I am now ready for the Debian plunge
and I ask:

1) Is there an archive of problems and corrections, or should I just
   search through my archive of linux.debian.user posts?  (Or perhaps,
   the CD has no problems at all.)

2) Is there a networking problem with http://www.debian.org/?  I have
   not been able to connect there for several days now.

I have 14.4 access to the net, so I can download files, but don't want
to move more than I need to.  (For example, I would not consider
downloading an entire distribution.)

Kirk Hilliard

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