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Re: More questions on smail configuration for SMTP/PPP


> I want all outgoing mail to be addressed as From:  vielo@wolfenet.com and
> Reply-To: vielo@wolfenet.com, no matter which account on mars it
> originates from.

You dont need ti use an Reply-To: Header if the From: Header is correct.
Please dont do it. You can add an Reply-To: Header in you MUA (like elm or
pine). Elm uses the file elmheaders. If you want to 'correct' the From:
line, you can define it i smail's configfile. Ususally it is defined as:

1root@lina:~# smail -bP from_field
From: $sender${if def:sender_name: ($sender_name)}

this means:

from_field="vielo@wolfenet.com (Your Name)"

will do very fine (it is probably better if u include a file-lookup, see
smail(5) and smail(8).

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