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Re: Color Console

I noticed the same thing when I switched from Slackware to Debian. The 
problem isn't in the console. It is the individual programs. Minicom can 
be configured to give you color. I haven't gotten around to looking at ls 
yet, but it should be that either it isn't using the colorls patch, or 
the neccesary options just aren't set to make it display in color. If the 
colorls patch isn't used, I'm going to take it from my Slackware CDs and 
put it in.
						Shawn Asmussen

On Sat, 10 Feb 1996, Doug Geiger wrote:

> I just switched to Debian 0.93R6, and the only problem I have at the moment 
> (still recovering /etc and others from backup) is that I don't have a 
> color console. Is this something I can change in /etc? I looked at the 
> console(4) man page, but the only files it mentions are /dev/console, and 
> /dev/tty*. Or could this just be individual programs that aren't giving 
> me color(ls and minicom)?
> 	Run.exe
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