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Problems with Emacs and FTP


I use a fairly vanilla Debian-9.93R6 system, with emacs-19.29-4, 
netstd-1.25-1, and ncftp-2.1.0-1.  I also have emacs-el-19.29-1.

When I try to use Emacs to FTP files (using Ange-FTP, which comes with 
Emacs), it fails because Emacs can't handle the output from 

/usr/bin/ftp is spitting out VT-100/ANSI terminal commands on its 
output.  While Emacs can recognise "Connected to..." as a success, it's 
interpreting "^[[?1l^[>Connected to..." as a failure.

I do not see this as a problem with Emacs.  I see it as a problem with 

Why is the plain, old fashioned, line oriented ftp command spewing 
screen codes?  I would have expected it from ncftp, which is Curses 
based, but not from the old ftp program.  I also noticed that ncftp in 
line mode doesn't do this, but since I haven't modified emacs to use 
ncftp instead of ftp yet, I don't know if it will solve my problem.  
Ncftp's output format is slightly different from plain ftp.

Should I report this as a bug to Peter Tobias?  My binary for 
/usr/bin/ftp definately came from the netstd distribution, and I have 
him listed as maintainer.

Buddha Buck
85.5 Albany Street
Cazenovia, NY 13035-1216		This Space For Rent

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