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Re: Problems with Emacs and FTP

>>> On Sat, 10 Feb 1996 19:47:46 -0500, Buddha Buck <phaedrus@dreamscape.com> said:

B> Hiho...

B> I use a fairly vanilla Debian-9.93R6 system, with emacs-19.29-4,
B> netstd-1.25-1, and ncftp-2.1.0-1.  I also have emacs-el-19.29-1.

B> When I try to use Emacs to FTP files (using Ange-FTP, which comes
B> with Emacs), it fails because Emacs can't handle the output from
B> /usr/bin/ftp.

B> I do not see this as a problem with Emacs.  I see it as a problem
B> with ftp.

	That's odd.  I had the very same problem with a yggdrasil
version of emacs and it went away when I converted to debian.  I don't
have a fix for this, but I believe with a vanilla 0.93, emacs works with the normal
(not nc) ftp.  I currently use a soxified ftp (compiled on my own)
with no problems.  

	Interested in the answer...


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