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Re: Configuration questions for a Debian/Linux box using PPP.

>Use the Reply-to field instead of the Return-Path. That is the
>"proper" field to use for this functionality.

No!  Reply-To: is something entirely different, and will *not* solve
the problem.

>>I've just recently set up a Linux box at home. Smail is the standard
>>mailer included with the Debian distribution. When I send mail, the
>>envelope address and Return-Path addresses only have my username in
>>them. I would think it would be best to have "username@ISP.com"
>>where ISP is the name of my ISP :)
>>This would seem to break local mail delivery though wouldn't it?
>>Any suggestions on how to correctly set up Smail in this situation
>>will be appreciated!

The automatic configuration script run in postinst should do all this
for you, unless you lie to it.  Note that you'll find that your
system's mailname won't generally appear in messages unless they
actually leave the system - it's almost certainly this that is
confusing you.

If there more than that...

Check the following variables in /etc/smail/config - I have the

		- the name which is appended to addresses.  Hence,
		  this name appears in the From: and envelope sender
		  fields (and hence in Return-Path:.)

		  (See above for example l-)

		  On Debian systems this value should appear in
		  /etc/mailname as well, so that other software can
		  find it correctly.

		- the names which should be recognised as being local.
		  So user@sfere.elmail.co.uk is assumed to be `user'
		  on my machine, rather than requiring external

You'll find the script in /usr/sbin/smailconfig so you can re-run it
if you made a mistake previously.  It's written in Perl, so you can
read it and look at the text and comments for further hints.

See also `man 5 smail', `man 8 smail', /usr/doc/smail/,

Richard Kettlewell
http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/                    richard@uk.geeks.org

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