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Re: Configuration questions for a Debian/Linux box using PPP.

> From: mcarter@lanl.gov (Michael J. Carter)
> Date: 06 Feb 1996 08:53:28 -0700
> I've just recently set up a Linux box at home. Smail is the standard
> mailer included with the Debian distribution. When I send mail, the
> envelope address and Return-Path addresses only have my username in
> them. I would think it would be best to have "username@ISP.com" where
> ISP is the name of my ISP :)
> This would seem to break local mail delivery though wouldn't it?
> Any suggestions on how to correctly set up Smail in this situation
> will be appreciated!
> Thank you,
> Michael

Use the Reply-to field instead of the Return-Path. That is the "proper"
field to use for this functionality.

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