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Re: Mailing Lists

> Strange question: What's a good way to set up a mailing list on my Linux
> box? 
> I don't need public mailing lists, just how to set up an "account" to 
> redirect mail to X people, many of which don't have logins on my computer.

Doesn't seem at all strange to me.  There are three ways you can do this
kind of thing:

Alias lists: Just set up an alias which is expanded to the list of
addresses you need.  Nice and simple, not at all flexible.

Smail mailing lists:  Basically a text file which contains the addresses
of the people who you want to expand mail to.  About as simple as using
addresses, but a lot more localised; you can even set things up so that
a non-root user can administer the list.

Majordomo:  Immensely flexible and powerful; allows people to subscribe
and unsubscribe to the list automatically without human intervention,
can be remote-controlled; way over the top for what you want.

I'd recommend adding an alias or a smail list (check the smail
documentation for details on those).

Hope this helps...
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