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Re: More on debian-1.0 installation

On Tue, 6 Feb 1996, Douglas Bates wrote:

> When running dselect now, I state in the Access choice that I am
> installing from a mounted file system.  If I try to choose Update or
> Install, I get an error message back from mount.  I think there is a
> confusion between the access method and the way dselect is trying to
> get to the files.

I had the same bug and even wasted time tracing it down to
/usr/lib/dpkg/methods/disk/setup placing a ':' where it shouldn't.

Waste of time because the dpkg on ftp.debian.org, dpkg-1.0.15.tar.gz,
fixes the problem.  I refer to the source package because the ftp site
is still being pulled off of backup; the binary package isn't there

Kudos to the ftp maintainer for a much cleaner organization, btw.


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