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More on debian-1.0 installation

By trial and error I found out that you must install the new ldso
package from binary/base, then install libc5 from devel, then try to
install the required packages.  Many of the required packages need
depend on libc5.

There is a gotcha in here for me.  I used ftp to transfer most of the
distribution to a more-or-less empty disk partition.  When I install
the required packages, including those in the now-visible binary/base
subdirectory, I get upgraded to version 1.0.11 of dselect.  

When running dselect now, I state in the Access choice that I am
installing from a mounted file system.  If I try to choose Update or
Install, I get an error message back from mount.  I think there is a
confusion between the access method and the way dselect is trying to
get to the files.

Douglas Bates, Statistics Dept., U. of Wisconsin-Madison
(visiting at Statistics Dept., U. of Adelaide, Australia)

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