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Installation of debian-1.0

I know it is risky business to install the Alpha-test version of
software but I really want to have ELF for the project I am working

I picked up the disks and most of the binary directory in debian-1.0
from the ftp.usyd.edu.au mirror of ftp.debian.org.

The initial installation from the floppy disks works fine.

Once I start using dselect, I run into trouble.  I believe my problem
is that I am installing a new bsdutils or related system from
binary/base and it requires libc.so.5 which is not present.  The
configuration step from the default selection runs for a bit then
starts producing massive numbers of errors.  After that everything
else in the installation fails and then I can't use programs like
"ls", "cp", or "mv" to get the system functioning again.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour?  My idea to get around the problem
is to temporarily remove the base subdirectory of binary and try an
installation with the old versions of the base programs.  Does that
seem reasonable?

My apologies if this has been discussed ad nauseum on this list.  I
have been off the list for a month or more while moving from the
U.S. to Australia.

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