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Debian installation

	I recently switched over from Slackware to Debian, and I've got a
couple of questions. First of all, although I downloaded the entire binary 
directory, and it's subdirectories, some of the packages recommend other 
packages that I don't seem to have, such as (recommends pgp, or 
recommends mpeg). I can install pgp myself, and I can figure out where to 
get mpeg probably, but if they're already available as debian packages, 
where do I get them?

	Before with slackware I was using Xfree 3.1.1, and everything was
fine. Now, with 3.1.2 which is what debian has, X -probeonly blanks out 
my screen with a little bit of white stuff in a pattern, and locks up my 
machine. If I don't run X -probeonly, it just does the same thing when I try
to startx. I had the same problem once when I tried to upgrade from 3.1.1 to
3.1.2 while still using Slackware, so I'm assuming that's where the problem
is. My next idea is to put a small installation of Slackware back in 
(Since I have it handy on CD, and it's got 3.1.1), and run X -probeonly, 
and copy the clocks line that it generates, so that 3.1.2 hopefully never has
to perform the probe that hangs the system. I'm using a generic ET4000/W32
video card. Anybody know of something I should be doing differenly, or 


							Shawn Asmussen
							Omaha, NE, USA

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