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Installation, rave/complaint

This weekend I was able to install debian on my "net guru's" home 
machine. He had had no success installing several distributions 
(Slackware and QUE) because they failed to recognize his scsi card. I 
created a custom kernel that included support for his card, but didn't 
even need it. The install boot disk worked fine! 
So, we got him installed, built a boot disk, and booted up in Debian. 
Being the paranoid person that he is, we rebooted on the install disk so 
we could build several boot disks (In Tallahasse, diskettes have a half 
life of around 24 hours, something to do with the high mold count here). 
When we tried the "create boot disk" option we were told that the floppy 
disk was not formatted. We went back to DOS and formated them with the 
same results. After some thought, I realized that we had failed to mount 
the root device and actuall had no source for the boot disk. Mounting the 
linux partition solved the problem, of course.
My point is that it is not correct to complain about the destination 
device when it is the source device that is missing. Can we fix this?



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