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re:Has anyone had this happen before?

>I have installed X Windows and my mouse has a mind of its own.  X 
>starts fine but when i move my mouse it zips across the screen at an 
>incrediable Mach 5 at least.  I have a microsoft compatable mouse  
>and my graphics card is a Diamond Stealth 64 SE and the server that i 
>am using is S3.  I can install Linux universe by unifix and 
>everything works o.k.  I have even tried using the exact same 
>XF86Config file from linux universe and and the mouse does the same 
>thing.  Any suggestions?

Make sure the mouse setting in XF86Config is set to "Microsoft" and not
"MouseSystems" or something, unless you are using X in conjuction with 'gpm'.

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