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Re: INN/CNEWS package?

On Sat, 18 Nov 1995, Richard Kettlewell wrote:

> Olaf Erb writes:
> > I just browsed through the archive, but can't find anything about a
> > news package for debian, but dependencies from other packages that
> > mention cnews|inn.  Somewhere I found inn-1.4sec-7.deb, it isn't
> > included anymore..
> >
> > Was INN removed because of copyright reasons?
> INN was removed from general view because the Debianised version was
> too buggy; the maintainer didn't have time to work on it in among
> other Debian and non-Debian stuff.
> I'm not aware of anyone having volunteered to take it over.  I've a
> little experience with INN but currently don't have the time either.

What was buggy about it?

I just recompiled the source for INN (from sunsite.unc.edu -
/pub/Linux/system/News/inn1.4sec-linux-src.tgz) and it seems to be
working fine so far.

I'd previously tried to use my old slackware binaries but they seemed to
be doing randomly weird things.  Grabbed the sources, hacked the confs
to make it fit better within the debian/FSSTND directory structure, and

If anyone wants a copy of my INN config.data, just email me for it -
I'm happy to distribute that, but i don't think i have the time or the
programming experience to maintain a huge package like INN.

I suppose I'll have to recompile it again when I move to debian 1.0 and

> If you just want to read news, rather than run a local spool, you
> don't want INN or C-News but just a newsreader such as trn and a copy
> of inews.  The inewsinn package is still visible.  It may be that some
> of the dependencies are buggy, of course...

Reading via nntp is fine on a 10Mbps or better LAN, but IMO is way too
slow over a 28.8K modem link.  It's pretty slow on a 64K ISDN link too.

Next up, I'll recompile nn (I personally believe that tin sucks), and
that'll be the last of the old binaries.  From Friday arvo to Sunday
night - that's about how long I expected it to take to do the bulk of
the switch from Slackware to Debian.

BTW, can anyone give me a quick summary of the differences between QMAGIC
and ZMAGIC binaries?  I've noticed that Debian seems a lot more responsive
under a heavy load than my old Slackware installation was...would that be
partly because all the binaries are QMAGIC rather than ZMAGIC?


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