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Re: INN/CNEWS package?

> INN was removed from general view because the Debianised version was
> too buggy; the maintainer didn't have time to work on it in among
> other Debian and non-Debian stuff.

Ah, ok.. that's interesting to hear.

> If you just want to read news, rather than run a local spool, you
> don't want INN or C-News but just a newsreader such as trn and a copy
> of inews.  The inewsinn package is still visible.  It may be that some
> of the dependencies are buggy, of course...

I need something for a local spool, we're running a low-traffic news 
system over packet radio here.. INN is too much for this, with only
< 100k/day.

I just `debianized' my old system and thought it would be nice to have
a debianized news system.. 

Last night I compiled the latest cnews release, and it seems to work.

Btw, what is the right place for local installations? I used
/etc/news for configfiles and /usr/local/somewhere for the binaries.
Is /usr/local/etc/news better?

Maybe I should better read fsstnd than asking such dumb questions here :-)

Anyway, thanks for your replies!
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