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Re: INN/CNEWS package?

Craig Sanders writes:
> > If you just want to read news, rather than run a local spool, you
> > don't want INN or C-News but just a newsreader such as trn and a copy
> > of inews.  The inewsinn package is still visible.  It may be that some
> > of the dependencies are buggy, of course...
> Reading via nntp is fine on a 10Mbps or better LAN, but IMO is way too
> slow over a 28.8K modem link.  It's pretty slow on a 64K ISDN link too.

If you use ssh (http://www.cs.hut.fi/ssh) you can do port redirection/
forwarding with gzip compression of the stream. Increases CPS at online nntp
twice for modem users.. But getting compressed uucp batches via tcp is much 
quicker, though not so flexible. And you need a local newsspool.. Online
reading via modem/isdn is really expensive in this part of the world, so
most users set up a local spool.

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