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Re: Outgoing Modem Configuration

Dale Scheetz writes:

>>I started with minicom. first as root, then after having added the
>>required user to the 'dialout' group in /etc/groups as a user.
>This isn't clear to me. I assume you mean /etc/group, but it's not clear to
>me how you "add the required user" to this file.

...I assume he means add the user to the group i.e.




...where fred is the user who needs to dial out.  This may or may not
be an issue on your system - if you're getting any kind of connection
whatsoever then I think you can just leave /etc/group as it is.  I
certainly never edited it when setting up PPP on mine.

>>See what `serserial -a /dev/cua*' says about your serial lines. How do they
>>get recognised at boot time?
>I have no serserial command on my machine? What is it? Where do I
find it?

setserial, not serserial.

If you're just dialling out, why do you need a getty on the line to
the modem?  Am I missing something here?

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