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mailto from Netscape fail

This problem seems to be occurs in the debian distribution.
Does not occur in the slackware distribution

I set options->preferences->Mail (SMTP) Server-> to localhost
when I try sending mail from netscape locally (to myself)
I get:
Netscpape's network connection was refused by the server: localhost

If I set the Mail (SMTP) Server to my network server (outside machine) I am
able to send mail from netscape.

I also found out that in /etc/inetd.conf the SMTP line is commented

sending mail from elm or mailx works fine.
I am not sure if the following is a related problem, but
when I send mail to the user uucp or fax
I get the following:

mail -v uucp
Subject: test
Null message body; hope that's ok
mail.local: /var/spool/mail/uucp: Permission denied
uucp... unknown mailer error 1
Saving message in /root/dead.letter

-Oz Dror
NAME   Oz Dror, Los Angeles, California   
EMAIL  dror@netcom.com                     <<Linux  since 8/15/94>>
PHONE  Fax (213) 874-7965


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