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Re: (Re)-Organize the Debian l10n-vi team

On Wed, 8 Dec 2010, An Nguyen wrote:

> Hi Duong,
> Well, this is awesome! :-) Welcome onboard!

Hi guys, hi An,

Thank you!  I'm so glad to be with you guys on this :-)

> I truly appreciate your input. I'll reply about it tmr though, right now, I'm sleepy. However, I must say that I agree with your 3rd idea. ;-)
> Yup, of course I know who you are. We actually talked via the AUF visioconférence system. :-)

Thank you for having remembered me :-).  It's a pity that we don't
have a chance to hang out with each other.  If you ever come to Hanoi,
just mail me and we would go for some coffee (too bad I can't drink
beer and wine) ;-).

> IMHO, #vnluser maybe good enough for this. I'll ask CuaDua and nobawk about this. Since the community in Vietnam is not really big, so we'd better gather together as
> much as possible so we can spread the words much easier.

Yup, I agree.  Do you think how much time do you need to gather into a

All the best,
Yang Nguyen
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