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Re: Problemas para poner KDE en español (kde-i18n-es)

El Mié 07 Dic 2005 15:10, Luis Labrado escribió:
> Ya esta, solucionado, era justo lo que deciais, hoy he
> hecho un
> apt-get update
> apt-get install kde-i18n-es
> y instalado a la primera y sin problemas.
> Es sensacion mia o... es "unstable" mas "unstable"
> que nunca?

Recibí esta mañana este mensaje de la lista debian-kde:

----------  Mensaje reenviado  ----------

Subject: Re: Updating my system
Date: Mié 07 Dic 2005 04:41
From: David Martínez Moreno <ender@debian.org>
To: rwegner@satx.rr.com
Cc: debian-kde@lists.debian.org

El miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2005 05:57, Richard Wegner escribió:
> Hi there,
> I recently tried to update my system and this is what I get:


> ------------------------------------------------
> I have no idea what to do now?  I just want to upgrade my system..
> Currently I have Debian 3.1 UNSTABLE version (I prefer it that way
> actually).

	Then this is not a good time to upgrade your system to current sid if you do
not know what is going on with such a message.

	Due to another C++ global change, a lot of C++ libraries are again affected.
Do you remember the last C++ ABI havoc? More or less this is the same, but
probably it will be much shorter. Simply relax and wait another week to
upgrade. You do not *really* need the latest sid. Believe me. :-)

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