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Re: Polish Keybord Layout

On Wednesday 04 April 2007 19:36, Markus Laube wrote:
Hi !
 You should install something like "locales" (apt-get install locales) and 
choose one of these:

[*] pl_PL ISO-8859-2                                                                                                                                                                         
[*] pl_PL.UTF-8 UTF-8  

After that install  "fonty" and choose iso2 as a default console fonts of 
course if you want to use this as a default :). 

That should help of course as longest you are using console only, if you are 
using a X-window-system (KDE for example ) you should use a KDE configuration 
tool  to set polish fonts up in your system

regards Pawel 

> Now i have the problem that not all special charaters on the place where
> they should be. A polish user told me that the charaters normally typed
> with "Alt Gr" and A,S or C (for example).
right ALT
> I have two Keybords as choice Polish (214) and Polish Programmers but both
> keybords ar not correct. if i change the keymap with "setxkbmap pl" it
> works for 80% right but some key dont work (got a s by pressing AltGr + c)

the problem is if you are using an English or German keyboard it will be 
difficult to set polish keyboard layout and have keys on correct places 
because we normally are using European keyboards not English or German ones 
(their are different).
> unfortunaltly my Debian knowlege in nearly zero so, maybe some of the group
> could help me ?
> thnaks in advance
> Markus
> PS: Sorry that i write english in a polish Newsgroup.

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