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Polish Keybord Layout

Hello all,

hopefully someone can help me with my problem.

We using HP Thin Client (t5725) with debian linux to connect via citrix to a
Windows 2003 Multi Lingual Termalserver.

Now i have the problem that not all special charaters on the place where
they should be. A polish user told me that the charaters normally typed with
"Alt Gr" and A,S or C (for example).

I have two Keybords as choice Polish (214) and Polish Programmers but both 
keybords ar not correct. if i change the keymap with "setxkbmap pl" it works 
for 80% right but some key dont work (got a s by pressing AltGr + c)

unfortunaltly my Debian knowlege in nearly zero so, maybe some of the group 
could help me ?

thnaks in advance

PS: Sorry that i write english in a polish Newsgroup.

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