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Re: [LARTC] Little problem with IMQ

I was working quite long on this problem, it was the reason I even started
my imq variant, because old one required kernel recompilations, what was

No matter what I did nothing worked, (maintainers of original imq just
decided to ignore this problem.)
forward and local shaping are completely different things, seems linux
somehow tracks how may packets are queued. and imq makes big mess with that.

anyway it is not so much nesecary, because you can control server download
without any problems, and upload can be controled in usual way
also it is good for managing lan users upload, what is hard to do in usual

so just shape twice, once on imq all lan users, then on eth0 create 2 clases
one for server and another for all lan users use iptables to mark packets
for clasification.

quite starnge that it crashed for you so fast, maibe because you used nmap
which was opening many new connections.

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> It has worked about 60 minutes.... and crash.
> It has happened when I have used nmap to scan what port were opened...
> I couldn't find anything interesting in /var/log
> Nice patch :)
> When this function will be available?
> How can I control server traffic without it?

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