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Re: [LARTC] Little problem with IMQ

Originaly this always was imq problem, because prerouting and postrouting
hooks do not alow do what you want.
you can only capture all ingress, or all egress which is same as usual tc
just unstable.

you can change imq source to hook on other places, like input and forward.

or you can use my version where I already did that.


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Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 11:47 AM
Subject: Re: [LARTC] Little problem with IMQ

> rc.htb is now working for me. But packet addressed to server don't match
> correct class.
> htb1.2rc3 don't work because i can't discern traffic to LAN and traffic to
> server.
> in script
> prs it is address of server
> lan[0], lan[1] - lists of IP address to each interfaces... (defined in
> dev_lan)
> I tried on two types of compiled kernel - 2.4.26 with only IMQ patch and
> 2.4.26 with IMQ and NAT patch.
> I don't see any differences...
> I have iptables 1.2.11 compiled with the kernel.

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