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Re: [LARTC] Little problem with IMQ


it is quite hard to understand what you want to do with this script,

but seems the only think dont work is that you cant control your server
upload speed.

your script is probably correct, just by some reason imq will crash if you
try to limit local upload speed.
I suppose it is something wrong with contrack module or something else, but
nobody knows why.

you should use  ususal way to shape server upload because I made my imq to
skip that traffic for safety reason.
if you want to test it yourself then add somewhere in the begining of source
file imq.c
#define output 1

and your script will start work but very likely your server will crash. (it
worked about one day for me)
this was always big problem with all imq variants.

also thuis part
$TC filter add dev imq protocol ip parent 1:0 u32 match ip src
flowid 1:4

is quite a nonsense, why would you want to shape internall traffic? it is

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> I attached my new script. (in develop now :d)
> What do you think about this problem?

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