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Re: Symlink in cron.daily wird nicht ausgeführt

Am 2017-12-22, Jens Schüßler <jgs@trash.net> schrieb:

> ,----[ man cron ]-
>| the file names must conform to the filename requirements of run-parts:
>| they must be entirely made up of letters, digits
>| and can only contain the special signs underscores ('_') and
>| hyphens ('-'). Any file that does not conform to these
>| requirements will not be executed by run-parts.
>| For example, any file containing dots will be ignored.
>|              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
> `----

Wer mag mir den Sinn einer derartigen Restriktion erklaeren?


Peter Blancke

Hoc est enim verbum meum!

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