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Re: Geht schon los - Probleme mit grip


* Andreas Pakulat wrote (2006-06-27 22:36):
>On 27.06.06 22:06:11, Thorsten Haude wrote:
>> * Andreas Pakulat wrote (2006-06-27 19:14):
>> >ogg benutzt immer variable Bitraten du kannst nur die Qualitaet
>> >beeinflussen (mit dem -q Schalter). 
>> yooden@eumel % oggenc --                                                                                                                                                                                          ~
>> --album                   -- set the album comment field to album
>> --artist                  -- set the artist comment field in the comments to artist
>> --bitrate                 -- set encoding to the bitrate closest to that specified
>> (...)
>Und? Ogg benutzt trotzdem nur Variable Bitraten. Da steht "closest to".

Aus der Manpage:
       -m n, --min-bitrate=n
              Sets minimum bitrate to n (in kb/s).

       -M n, --max-bitrate=n
              Sets maximum bitrate to n (in kb/s).

              Set bitrate management mode. This turns off the normal VBR encoding, but allows hard or soft bitrate constraints to be enforced by the encoder. This mode is much slower, and may also be  lower
              quality. It is primarily useful for creating files for streaming.

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